GutSlider Demos

GutSlider offers a complete solution for any type of slider and carousel. You may call it All in One Slider Solution

Fixed Content

Build your content slider or carousel easily within a few minutes. Subtitle, title, description, and call to action (button) are available as content elements.

Any Content

Build your expected slider or carousel with any kind of content. There are no limits to using content type in this block. Slide any content as you wish.


Showcase your customer feedback in a sliding mode using this block. It comes with a customer photo, testimonial, name, rating, designation, and social profile.

Blog Post

Showcase your blog post in a sliding mode using this block. It comes with a blog post thumbnail, title, category, read more button, etc.


Showcase your amazing photos in the carousel mode using this photos carousel block. It comes with photo caption visibility and lightbox support.

Brand Logos

Build a logos carousel easily using this block in Gutenberg. it comes with logos links, captions, and different hover animations.